Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Shamrock Medicine Plus?
Shamrock Medicine Plus is a boutique concierge Primary Care practice.

Our mission is to provide Medical Care with No Rush In-Person visits as well as access to convenient Tele-Health appointments, online labs, and same day prescription refills.

How do Prescriptions and Prescription Renewals work at Shamrock Medicine Plus?

We make it easy to request and renew prescriptions. If a prescription is required, we can send a prescription electronically to the pharmacy of your choice for you to pick up there.

To renew an existing prescription, please click on the Refill Genie link on the Homepage and follow the instructions. Your request will be sent immediately to the Shamrock Medicine Plus Team for review. They will follow up if more information is required and you will receive an email as soon as your prescription has been sent to your pharmacy.

What Insurances does Shamrock Medicine Plus accept?

Shamrock Medicine Plus does not accept insurance. We charge a flat monthly or annual fee to provide services.

Why is there a Monthly Fee?

The Monthly Membership Fee allows us to offer you the tele-health medical services and personalized care with longer appointments that make Shamrock Medicine Plus unique.

The Annual Membership Fee covers costs associated with access to online care.

The Monthly Membership Fee is not a covered benefit under most health insurance plans.

Payment of the Annual Membership Fee is not a prerequisite for receiving medical care in Shamrock Medicine Plus offices. You may receive care without the benefits of tele-health appointments and online prescription refills if Shamrock Medicine Plus accepts your insurance plan.

How can I view and pay my bill?

You can log in to your Shamrock Medicine Plus account to view and pay your bill.

What is a DO?

Like MDs, DOs (also called Osteopaths) are licensed physicians – trained to practice all aspects of medicine for the prevention, detection, and treatment of disease.

The main difference between MDs and DOs is that DOs attend Osteopathic medical schools where they receive extra training in the musculoskeletal system, focusing on how an injury or illness in one part of the body can impact other parts of the body as well as overall health. Osteopathic education emphasizes that all aspects of the body are integrated and that the body has a natural ability to heal and regulate itself.

How is Shamrock Medicine Plus different from other practices?

Our mission is rooted in quality care and centered on the individual patient. In order to deliver the best preventive medicine, acute care, and chronic condition management our Board Certified providers take the time necessary with each and every patient.

Above all else, we treat you as a whole person.

What if I need Lab work?

No appointment is necessary (however, tests must be ordered by your provider). You can simply request blood work online and our Team will review your request and email you with the lab requisition form.

You can go to an off-site lab such as LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, or any local medical center for your tests.

How does Shamrock Medicine Plus work with my Insurance?

The cost for Membership with Shamrock Medicine Plus is $2,490/year or $249/month.

Our fees are covered by FSA and HSA Plans!

What if I’m not satisfied with my care?

The quality of your care is our highest priority, and we’re dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. If we ever fail to meet your expectations, we’ll do our best to fix it.

Should I sign up now or wait until I get sick?

We recommend establishing care now, so that our team can get to know you and better care for you if something comes up.

Once you become a member, you’ll be able to access a provider online and in-person. Our Virtual Medical team is available on-line, and as a member, you can also use our website to request treatment for common issues.

What is an NP?

Nurse Practitioners are nurses who have had additional education and training that allows them to practice similarly to physicians, often acting as PCPs for their patients, and consulting or collaborating with physicians as needed. Most NPs focus on a specific aspect of primary care, such as adult medicine, family medicine, or women’s health.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to in person care as well as convenient tele-health appointments with a provider.


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